2004-Chance Harmonics [for Flute]

2004/2006-Nothing to Say [a collection of tape pieces: Bach in those days / Preface / Vertigo / Headache / Glissade / Connection / Solitude / Nothing to Say]

2006-Limited Materials No.1 [for Flute]

2006-Limited Materials No.2 [for Violin duo]

2006-Aleapreparation [for prepared Guitar]

2006-4 Epigrams [pieces for Flute and Piano]

2006/2007-String Quartet No.1

2007-Percussion Sextet [for 6 Percussionist]

2007/2008 [rev. 2011]-What is Silence? [for Flute, Guitar, Piano und 3 Percussionist]    

2008-Graphic #1 [for one or more sound-producing device/instruments]

2008-Graphic #2 [for one or more Percussionist/Percussion instruments]

2008-Celestial [for an Orchestra, consisting of Persian and non-Persian instruments]

2008 [rev. 2012]-Persian Serial [for 6 beer bottle players and Tape]

2008/2009-Kereshmeh [for Flute and Guitar]

2009-Crumpled In The Pocket, Diligent But Dumb [for Violin, Guitar, and Tape]

2010/2011-It is only Noise that remains [a collection of tape pieces: Listen! / That in this virtual village of ours / It is only Noise that remains]  

2010/2011-Spiral [for Orchestra]

2012-A Hundred Years To Monday [a 3-Hour electroacoustic composition for 2 Laptops, a Horn, Live-Electronic, Tape and a Video by Mani Ghodratnama]

2012-Fly In The Cage [an Organic-Sound-Installation/Composition for Flies and Laptop]

2012-Zahlenstudie [for Violin, Cello, Bass Clarinet, Piano and Percussion]

2013-Abdschadstudie [for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Percussion]

2013 [rev.2014]-Herrenhäuser Mosaike [for Flute, Clarinet, Daf and Tape]

2013-AkusmaFrühStück [for Toaster, Coffeemaker, Electric water boiler and Live-Electronic]

2012/2013-Cstück Nr.1 [8-Channel Tape music]

2013-Klänge der Plätze der Weltausstellung [16-Channel Tape music]

2013-Baada Baada, Brassminiature No.1 [for Horn duo]

2013-erKen! [for 2 Trumpets and 2 Trombones]

2013-Komposition [for Oboe, Trumpet, Violin and Percussion]

2014-Autopsie [for Santur, Live-Microphoning and Tape]

2014-Zwischen [for Horn and Tape]

2014-Musitorial [for Oboe, Bassoon, Trumpet, Violin, Cello and 15 Performers)

2014-All the requirements for becoming Werewolf! [for Oboe and Live-Electronic]

2014-Farben Nr.1 [for Piano]

2014-BlechQuintett Nr.1 [for 2 Trumpets, Horn, Trombone and Tuba]

2014-Cstück Nr.1.1 [8-Channel Tape music]

2014-Mittelpunk der übernatürlichen vokalen Offenbarungs Konflikte [for SATB-Choir, four Solo Voices, Bass Drum and Tanbur]

2015-CITStück [for Flute and Tape]

2015-Pseudofolklore [for Flute]